​ Release:- InDev0.2.9 StandAlone

This version is only available in the downloadable .exe

The Web version will be updated once I'm happy the standalone version is stable.

- The tool can be found here https://autumnfallstudios.itch.io/salt
- You can use it in the browser or hit the Download button to get the Windows standalone version.
- The current Windows standalone version is InDev0.2.9
- The current Web version is InDev0.2.8

- Added PipeJunction building into the Logistics section for cosmetic usage by overlaying onto pipe nodes. (thanks @Vencam )
- Swapped standalone splash screen for new "AutumnFall Studios" version.
- Disabled WebGL compression in core project. (Won't affect standalone) (thanks @Ondar for reporting the bug)
- Altered WebGL resolution system as per the Web release, in the Core project. (Won't affect standalone) (thanks @Jeslis for the bug report)
- Altered the Quit system for WebGL to load a blank webpage when quit is used, should free up some system resources. (Won't affect standalone)
- Refined camera control code and added WASD keyboard panning.
- Moved all experimental buildings into correct categories now U4 is live on Early Access.
- Removed extra button click sound from SFX on rotate, duplicate and delete building functions. (thanks @Vencam )
- Added newly drawn graphics for Refinery, Packager and Water Extractor.
- Added new "Blueprint Report" button into the main menu along with associated menu screen.
- Added "building Count" to the Blueprint Report screen to report the total count of all buildings in the current blueprint.
- Removed hastily drawn ugly arrows from initial intro UI.
- Upped version to 0.2.9
- Increased the build page size to 1000m x 1000m (125 foundations x 125 foundations). (thanks @FragranceFreeVaseline)
- Increased the max zoom out available. (thanks @FragranceFreeVaseline )

Enjoy :)

- Husky


SaLT_InDev0.2.9.exe 44 MB
Apr 16, 2021

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