Release:- InDev0.2.11 StandAlone -&- InDev0.2.10 Web

This update covers both the Web version and the Standalone .exe

- The tool can be found here
- You can use it in the browser or hit the Download button to get the Windows standalone version.
- The current Windows standalone version is InDev0.2.11
- The current Web version is InDev0.2.10

- Changed building selection menu to use LeftClick & Release to select a building, no longer requires LeftClick to be held to drag a building from the menu. (Thanks @Jeslis for the suggestions)
- LeftShift added as a modifier while holding a building ghost; if LeftClick is pressed while holding LeftShift, a single building will be placed but the selected building ghost will be retained for further placements.
- LeftCtrl added as a modifier while holding a building ghost; if LeftClick is held, a line of buildings may be dragged in either a horizontal or vertical direction, placement occurs on release of either LeftClick or LeftCtrl, the building selection will be retained afterwards. (Thanks @Jeslis for the idea)
- Esc now exits building placement.
- The building radial menu can no longer be activated while performing other tasks.
- Added helper text in the bottom left of the screen (currently only for building placement).
- Changed building ghost to match font size and dynamic scaling of the buildings.
- Change building ghost to use a semi-transparent graphic of the building.
- Added ability to disable the intro helper text, this saves for future use of the tool.
- Changed the default window style of the Standalone player to Windowed, with the ability to resize and move across multiple monitors. (Thanks @FragranceFreeVaseline for the suggestion).
- Changed WebPlayer version to no longer run in the background, preventing music from continuing when unfocused.
- Changed WebPlayer version quit button to blank the web page (I'm still looking for a nicer way to handle WebPlayer quit).

Enjoy :)

- Husky

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Apr 22, 2021
SaLT_InDev0.2.11.exe 44 MB
Apr 22, 2021

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