Release:- InDev0.2.13 StandAlone

This update covers the Standalone .exe only.


- The tool can be found here

- You can use it in the browser or hit the Download button to get the Windows standalone version.

- The current Windows standalone version is InDev0.2.13

- The current Web version is InDev0.2.10


- Updated the Coal Generator graphic.

- Removed joystick controls from affecting the tool. (thanks @Ronan for the bug report)

- Added hotkey for deletion mode, holding "X" down will activate deletion mode, releasing it will cancel deletion mode.  The hotkey will also cancel deletion mode if it was activated via the "delete" UI button.

- Added hotkey for Conveyor placement, pressing "O" will perform the same action as pressing the "Conveyor" button in the UI.

- Added hotkey for Pipe placement, pressing "P" will perform the same action as pressing the "Pipe" button in the UI.

- The build menu now has a scrollbar UI element that will appear if the buttons would leave the useable UI area.  (Thanks @Lequiit for the bug report)

- Build menu button font size now standardised.

- Build menu button orange colour changed to match the standard tool orange.

- Updated the Smelter and Assembler graphics.

- Corrected the Smelter and Assembler building sizes and port positions. (Thanks @Math321 for the bug report)

- Added pump and valve buildings with placeholder graphics. (Thanks @Sa'Kagé for the suggestion)

- Added 3 new conveyor port walls. (Thanks @Vencam for the suggestion)

- Added missing name text to the wall button.

- Assigned the MK1 miner sprite to the MK2&3 miners temporarily.

- Alphabetised all build menu buttons for more quickly locating the building you need.

Enjoy :)

- Husky


SaLT_InDev0.2.13.exe 44 MB
Apr 27, 2021

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