Release:- InDev0.2.15 Standalone & InDev0.2.15 Web

This update covers both the Web version and the Standalone .exe


- The tool can be found here 

 - You can use it in the browser or hit the Download button to get the Windows standalone version. 

 - The current Windows standalone version is InDev0.2.15 

- The current Web version is InDev0.2.15_Web


- Added new graphics for External process input and output.

- Added more names to the special thanks screen.

- Changed max zoom out to double the previous value.

- External processes are now 4 separate buildings.

- Added new constructor graphic.

- Minor alteration to the way graphics are handled to support inverse masking for belts and pipes.

- Background work for multiselect (not yet implemented).

- Changed multiple UI sizes, scaling, and added scripting to cater for new dynamic UI resizing (should resolve 4K screen users finding UI too small).  This is a first pass, not all UI elements have been resized.

- Disabled the MK sliders for pipes and belts as they were causing issues with the dynamic resizing.

- Changed the way ghost buildings are handled due to a reported bug where ghosts were sometimes left on the screen in web player, subsequently breaking the import/export feature.  Ghosts are no longer included in the export and all ghosts will be deleted on import, exporting, then doing a clean import should resolve the lingering ghost issue for now.  If you find this bug and can recreate it, please let me know the steps to do so in the Discord.

Enjoy :)

- Husky

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Dec 19, 2021
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Dec 19, 2021

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